Answers to some of the general questions that our clients often ask before deciding to hire us.

Can I do the inspection myself?
Home inspections are a very detailed and intricate process which should be done by certified and experienced house inspectors. An experienced home inspector has likely done hundreds of inspections, and know exactly what to look for.
When are inspections generally done?
Prior to purchasing a home or property
Prior to homelisting
Following construction
At the start of a warranty term
At the end of a warranty term
As routine maintainence every three to five years
Prior to and following a rental term
You may read detailed descriptions of circumstances at our services page.
What are your qualifications?
Our inspector is licensed certified home inspector.
What are the main things you look at?
A list of things we look at while inspecting a home can be found at our prices page.
May I shadow you during the inspection?
Of course! In fact, we encourage you to join us during the inspection to learn about the major components of your home!
Do you do repairs?
No, we do not. We are purely a home inspection business; it's what we're great at.
Do you recommend contractors or trades workers?
No, we do not. We refuse to take money or reimbursement from contractors or tradespeople in exchange for referrals. We believe that such schemes are dishonest. We will never pressure you to hire a contractor.
What happens if my house fails inspection?
A house cannot fail an inspection. These inspections are done purely to gauge the structural integrity of the home and to point out any flaws that could be dangerous or damaging.
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